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Busy Times at Links Hospitality

It’s been a busy few months at Links Hospitality, as we have been working away at bringing you our brand-new website.  Being a market leader in corporate hospitality, it’s of great importance we have a website which reflects our professional and honest approach to bringing you the best hospitality packages, to the biggest events.

We have been providing a fantastic service to a wide range of clients for over ten years and our new website has been created to ensure we can continue to offer tremendous experiences, you will never forget.

Trust and ease of use are the two key ingredients to the new Links Hospitality website.  We want you to browse the website, quickly find the event you are interested in and within two clicks, have it booked.  All the information regarding the event, such as dates, individual package details and prices are displayed on one screen, so there is no need to ever go back on your browser.  Navigation is seamless and within a few seconds you will have your official hospitality package booked and confirmation email sent out.

The homepage offers several quick links to the most popular upcoming events and the drop-down menu on the left, is where you will find our full selection of events, news and Events Diary.

The innovative ‘Events Diary’ page shows you exactly when an event is taking place.  This is a great new feature of the website and allows you to choose events and packages by date.  Therefore, if you know you would like to entertain clients in March, simply head over to the Events Diary and you will find every package we offer for that month.  It’s another way to make things easier for you when it comes to booking corporate hospitality and that’s exactly what we aiming to do at Links Hospitality.

We want to take the hassle out of booking corporate hospitality and believe our new website delivers an enjoyable and efficient experience.

Look out soon for new additions, such as our digital newsletter and brochure, which will be sent directly to your inbox.  These will give you the opportunity to see what new events and packages we are offering before anyone else and get your place booked at some of the world’s biggest events.

We know you will enjoy using the new Links Hospitality website and welcome any feedback you have regarding the changes we have made.