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A New Champion for Formula 1 in 2017

Posted by Daniel Price on

There will be one thing missing from the grid at the start of the 2017 Formula 1 season in March, something which has not happened in the sport for 23 years.  The current Formula 1 champion will not be lining up to defend his title.  The decision of Nico Rosberg to retire from the sport following his victory in 2016, means we are guaranteed a new champion in 2017.

Not only will Lewis Hamilton have a new driver alongside him when the season starts in Australia on the 26th March, he will also have a revamped car to get to grips with.  The 2017 Formula 1 season will see wider cards, with bigger tyres and reshaped front and rear wings.  This will make the cars more physically demanding for the drivers and hopefully, in the eyes of the top brass at Formula 1, make the races more competitive and exciting.

The changes are expected to make the cars five seconds per lap faster, with cornering speeds increasing and this should add to the great spectacle of watching Formula 1 racing.  Mercedes, who have dominated Formula 1 in recent years were against the changes, so does this mean they are afraid it will give their rivals an edge?  Hamilton will still start the season as the favourite but by the time we reach the show-piece race of the season, the Monaco Grand Prix, who knows who will be leading the pack?

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